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Door access control system is a door control system, which could replace the key and lock in old days, as we know, we couldn’t have any record of door locking and unlocking events by using keys and locks so it is easy to have burglar and other potential dangerous accidents. With door access control system, the proximity reader on the wall beside the door performances as the lock, the card performances as the key, however the card(key) has an inner code so it could be authorized by the system as a legal passenger card at the moment when system is initiated, otherwise the card(key) could be denied and be rejected to enter into the building. The proximity reader on the wall is connected to the mother board(hidden inside the room so it is much safer) and mother board could collect every data sent from the proximity reader, finally to the software for its analysis and creating various of the report of each door access events, plus extra function of time and attendance, the system could arrange time schedule shift for each employee, therefore, the door access control system could function as not only door entry control system, but also a system to create analysis report of time and attendance of employee. Normally, the door access control system includes access control mother board, proximity reader(125KHz or 13.56MHz card), 12VDC electric lock(triggered to unlock by legal signal sent from mother board if the card is legally authorized), 12VDC(linear or switching)power supply, 12V7AH rechargeable industrial battery, RS232 to RS485 communication converter(for RS485 type), cable, proximity cards(sometime customers prefer to use fob, keychain etc), and software.



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